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March 24, 2015



Your Fairy God Mother is awesomely beautiful!!


Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is over-the-top fabulous!!

We should all be so lucky to have such a wonderful Godmother - thank yo so much for such a beauty!!

Brooke Nolan

Oh, Barb & Kate...Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like her.

Brooke Nolan

I apologize to anyone who's been trying to comment and couldn't. It seems that there's something wrong with Typepad's visual security test...I couldn't see the numbers or letters to type so I clicked on the audio symbol and did it that way. Hopefully, Typepad will fix this soon.

Stitching Noni

Absolutely gorgeous :) I love her... So pretty in pink!
Hugs xx


Oh my goodness!!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!!1 I ordered it and cannot wait to start making it. I love the idea of the ribbons as the skirt. I hope you do many more like this one! thank you soooo much!


Just gorgeous. I think she would be a dream to stitch and have hanging in my home!


Brooke, this is beyond gorgeous!! I cannot WAIT to see the rest you do in this category. I have always loved the bigger ones you do in the Spirit size. So beautiful. Any princess or fairy you do will be stunning. So, get to designing! LOL. Would love to see a St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's, Easter spirit angel. No one hardly does anything St. Patrick related.

Brooke Nolan

THANK YOU, Stitching Noni! And THANK YOU, Lynn...Yes, I'm planning to do more Spirit "dollies" with the ribbons for skirts. Have some Christmas angels and a Happy Halloween witchie in the works for that style...Among other fairies and princesses. Weeeee...

Brooke Nolan

Ah, THANK YOU, Susan! She was really fun to design and stitch. And THANK YOU, Danielle! Yes...I wish there were 4 or 5 of me that could just continuously design and stitch. Then maybe I'd make a dent in my "To Do" list. LOL! Yes, I agree...Would love to design some Spirits and Stitch-a-Littles for other holidays. Especially St. Patrick's Day. I do have a Christmas Peace Angels collection in mind which would have Spirit Angels from all over the world in it and I definitely would have a very green Irish angel in that collection for sure. So, hopefully, an Irish angel will happen someday soon. Now, how do I clone myself?

Cheri Tipps

You've outdone yourself with this one. I just love her and my favorite color is pink too! Plus I can't wait to see the others.

Brooke Nolan

(((Cheri))) THANK YOU!!!! Really appreciate that.

Super Mom - No Cape!

How fun!! I kept scrolling back and forth between the photos. All the little details and embellishments that you've added are just amazing!

I've started a weekly Stitchery Link Party and I would love to have you come link up and share this with my readers.

Judita Dovile

I just fell in love with your Fairy Godmother! She is beautiful!
Is there any way to buy her chart only? I would like to stitch her but do not want to buy the whole package.


Now that is so funny, I was positive I left a comment here to say she is so beautiful ...where are you....are you making dozens that why we have not seen continue to inspire me..

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