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January 14, 2015



That's just adorable Brooke - thank you! :-)

mdm samm

This is wonderful....I love this so much and my colour too....I will make it hopefully by next week with my initials...thank you so much Brooke for sharing your talent with u s.. how lucky we are


Lovely! It has been so fun to see all of the creative ways all of your wonderful patterns have been put to use.

Mary Ann

What a darling little Tammy bag. I love it! Clever, clever, clever. Thanks for sharing.


Love, love this! Thank you so much for the pattern - I've already printed it out. :) blessings, marlene


You're the best, Brooke! Thank you SO much! And thank you for the wonderful patterns you designed for this hop. They are fabulous!


That's adorable, thank you! Your designs were all so beautiful!


Thank you for the pattern! Also a big thank you for sharing your wonderful talent for this blog hop. When I started quilting my counted cross stitch took a back seat and your designs for this blog hop has rekindled my love for counted cross stitch. Thanks so much!!!


This is adorable, Brooke! Thank you so very much. ^^


Thanks for the lovely pattern. I enjoyed stitching up your designs.


Great pattern. Thank you so very much. Can't seem to find your post with for the blog hop.

Mary W

Oh my, this pattern is too cute. You did such a lovely job creating this. I can't begin to stitch it. I can't print it out until I get home. I would be on it already. Thank you for all the wonderful things you did for us for this hop. Your creations are amazing. I have had such fun working on them. Almost have the evening dress done on your Vintage Winter.


Brooke, this is way too cute!!! GREAT JOB! I said I wasn't a cross stitcher, but your patterns are so cute and turn out so well...I can't help it!!!
I will definitely be sewing up this one!
Thank you for all your help on our has been a PLEASURE!


Brooke... you are so sweet. Thank you so much for designing another pattern for us. This one looks so do-able for me...but then again, you saw what happened to the last one! I will have to follow the pattern this time. It is adorable and I can't wait to stitch it up. Thank you so much for the freebie. Also, so sorry I missed your call... wish my phone had your number! Thanks for the cute message, it made my day! Hugs, ~Cori


Thanks for another wonderful pattern :) I truly have enjoyed stitching the red swimsuit as it snowed around here, thanks for the break from the reality out the window!!


Not sew? Glad to know you're going to change that! :)


Thanks so much Brooke!! I am a new cross stitcher and am working on my 3rd season design. I'm almost finished it but not sure I will get it finished before I have to post. I still have to make at least one pinnie. I'm enjoying the cross stitching but I will have to admit there are mistakes...I guess I can't count. I'm working on Spring and it has given me the most grief!! I have not started Winter...I've been cautioned that it is the most difficult. I will try it and I am going to work on this new design next...Winter can wait till next winter! Thanks again!! Happy stitching, Pauline


Thank YOU, Brooke!

Leslie Schmidt

I've always been very impressed with your ability to create such detail in just a few blocks of color. This Tammy Bag is no exception. You convey the perfect attitude and class of the bag. You are so talented! Thanks.


We have to say thank U!! You are a great designer and I am already making my second Tammy with the Spring pattern, I just love your x-stitches!


That is just perfect Brooke, so sweet


Thank you so much for the complimentary cross stitch pattern,what a lovely surprise! Your fall pattern was very fun to stitch up!


Thank you for the free cross stitch pattern. It's so cute, can't wait to stitch it up!


Your patterns are just adorable.


You are the sweetest. Thank you. I love your cross stitch patterns.


This is just the cutest...and if it's doesn't scream Madame Samm, I don't know what would! I can't wait to start on it. Thanks for everything. Your designs are just adorable and your generosity is over the top!


Brooke, I love your designs and thank you so very much for the lovely Tammy bag!! How sweet and kind of you to share :) See you soon on the hopping trail .... Wendy

Stitching Noni

Oh what a sweet thank you :)
While I can't sew which meant that I didn't do the blog hop, I have been following it to see the beautiful bags... I do intend to still stitch the vintage designs though as they are just gorgeous :)
Hugs xx

Patty D

great pattern! thanks!


Brooke, this is fabulous. Another sweet treasure. Thank you for your beautiful designs for the Tammy 4 all seasons hop! I just saw Mdm. Samm's version of this sweet little heart!

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