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November 18, 2014


mdm samm

ahhhhhhhh I am just loving our CHEERLEADING effort..../TOGETHER BROOKE, in our vintage hand and hand gloves......I see such a bright future it blinds it is I who is thrilled at what has unveiled....and you have to know all of your ladies will be embraced with as much sweetness as I can muster.....x


Great post, I love your designs, Samm's hops and both your creative genius! Fabulous....bring on the Tammy parade!

Brooke Nolan

(((Samm))) Our vintage hand in hand gloves! LOL! Yes, indeed...You are so wonderful. Love ya...

Brooke Nolan

Big THANK YOU, Shari! I'm so glad you like what we're cookin' up. Really appreciate you.

jacquie morris

WOW! Loving it all!!
So colourful and 'Tammy' is something new for me, I have never some across them before.. but love them!
Your designs are so lovely and these Very Vintage Tammies 4 All Seasons are a wonderful edition :)
Smiles :)

Brooke Nolan

Thank you so much, Jacquie!!!

Melanie Rowe

I absolutely love the designs, but can't sew at all, so will have to give the blog hop a miss. I wish you would consider offering all four designs as a set for a lower price than $40; I would love to stitch all four as a set on one piece of fabric. :)

Brooke Nolan

Hi Melanie,

Thank you so much for your compliments about the 4 Seasons. I had a blast designing them. I'll take your thoughts on the price into consideration. Appreciate your feedback.

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