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June 28, 2014



WOW Brooke he is amazing! I was wondering what you were creating! hadn't heard from you in a little while. He is beautiful, I love Santa's to, have stitched well over a 100 of them thus far. You are awesome Brooke, are you creating a set of 3 for this year? Lol

Rachelle Murphy

So adorable, can't wait to stitch this one up!!! So much talent, thank you Brooke!

Brooke Nolan

Big THANK YOU, Kathy and Rachelle!!! I appreciate you gals SO much!

Donna Cowart

He is absolutely wonderful! I too have stitched over 100 Santas. So many that I have starting propping them in all sorts of strange places at Christmas! This one will be front and center! Thank you!


He is fabulous!!! Can not wait to see the others!

Brooke Nolan

Big HUG to you, Donna, across the NC...NOT FL. LOL!

I think I remember you telling me about your santa collection. That is so cool. I'm so happy to be adding Santas to the Spirit collection. It makes me so happy to design them. Thank you SOOOO much for your order...Your many many many orders.
Brooke ; )

Brooke Nolan

Big hug and THANK YOU to you too, Deb! Is this the wonderful Deb in TX?


How wonderful! Is this going to be available as a chart in your Etsy shop anytime soon?


He is wonderful Brooke. Can't wait to do him. Thank you for designing him. Wonderful job.


WOW!!! Stunning. Love the mustache. I like working with memory thread. Just love your designs. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!! Would love to see a spirit angel for St. Patty's Day! I am getting ready to stitch up your 4th of July spirit angel.

Brooke Nolan

Big thank you, LaDonna, Anita and Danielle! Yes...He will be available as a chart-only in my Etsy store by the beginning of August.

Ooh...Must design a St. Patrick's Day Spirit Angel. That could be really fun...Love the green. That's actually been on my list for awhile.

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