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March 16, 2014



This is so fabulous! She is adorable! I have stitched your freebies before, and posted them on my blog,
Thank you so much!I look forward to them all!


These are just the cutest things ever. You are so generous to share you talent this way. I'm trying to think of the best way to use these designs. They deserve special treatment!


Thank you very much! The first design is wonderful and I'm sure I'm going to love the rest, too!

Brooke Nolan

Ahh, THANK YOU, Vickie, Annie & Zlatina! I appreciate your sweet compliments so much! Made my day.


you have outdone yourselves with this collection so beautiful.....thank you so much for these creations...I will certainly get my stuff together to do these and look forward to the rest of the collection....Vivian

Brooke Nolan

Thank you SO much, Vivan! I hope you have a wonderful time stitching them up.


Oh my goodness! Duncan is soooo adorable. Now I was hoping for a poodle ;) ;), but Duncan Dog is awesome!!! Thank you for these sweet, sweet critters.♥

Brooke Nolan

Ah, Vickie...THANK YOU! Yeah...It's been really difficult to select the final roster of animals for this collection. There are too many left on the "cutting room floor", so to speak. Makes me think about maybe continuing after this collection is complete. Mmmm...So many animals...So little time.

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