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November 02, 2013


Kathy Bradford

my 52 year old daughter will be so surprized when i stitch these for her when she was a junior in high school she told her boyfriend she wasn't going out on that friday night because the wizard was on needless to say hewent out with the guys and this 17 year old popped some popcorn and we all watched the wizard AGAIN in 1978 we only had one t.v. so we all had to watch it she still knows all the songs by heart


These are adorable.

Brooke Nolan

Kathy...What a great memory to share with your daughter. I'm about her age so I totally remember not having dvd's and dvr's and when it was on, it was on. My kids can't even imagine that. LOL! Thank you SO much for purchasing them. I hope it really does the trick for her Christmas this year.
Happy Stitching...Brooke

Brooke Nolan

Thank you, Kate! I really appreciate that. I had a blast drawing them.

Mary Ann

What timing!!! Our daughter has been a Wizard of Oz fan/collecter since she was a little girl and for Halloween this year the whole family dressed up including their dog as the lion. 3-yo GD was Dorothy, 5-mo GS was a munchkin, daughter the scarecrow, SIL the tin man, our other daughter was Glinda and more some unknown reason, I was delegated to be the wicked witch!!!! We made all the costumes and had a lot of fun! So guess what I'll be stitching next but I will have to change Dorothy`s shoes to red!!

Gabriella Schmidt

Gorgeous. You design the best patterns. The Wizard of Oz characters look so cute.


Wow Brooke these are awesome.
How do we keep up? Lol



These are so fantastic! Your designs always are. I immediately (within seconds of seeing them) went to Craftsy and placed my order.

My son and grandson were both the mayor of munchkin when in elem school. Would love to see the mayor done.

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