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September 27, 2013



Oh my gosh Brooke, they are very sweet. WOW you are on a roll. So happy for you. How to keep up! Lol
Your the greatest


They are great ideas to create every remarkable literary hero/heroine... :)
I love Little Women, but... they look so fancy... even rich (except for Beth, she's fine :} ) and in my mind their beauty is that they are poor... "It's so dreadful to be poor..." that's introduction to them, and how I loved them first...

Bronwyn Mitchell

Very sweet Brooke!


These are very nice. I especially love Jo's dress.
Looking for ideas? What about Little House on the Prairie characters? I would like to see what you could come up with for that time period.

Brooke Nolan

Big THANK YOU, Kathy, Lily, Bronwyn and Veronica! I appreciate your encouragement so much!


Wizard. Of. Oz. I NEED you to translate these characters into stitches!!! Please!!!



Hello Brooke !
Oh, they are too cute ... I have just purchased them ! I love them ! And in the others Alcott's books, I love the "Eight Cousins" ones, with the young Rose, and Phoebe too ... do you know them ?
And perhaps Laura, Mary and Carrie from Laura Ingalls' books would be great ...
Have a nice week, and thank rou for your beautiful charts !


Oh, I see Veronika talked about the Ingalls too !


Brooke, I purchased all four, so excited and can't wait to stitch them, they are on my to do list. Lol
Oh I see you have corrections on 2 of them, best be getting correct chart printed off. Lol.

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