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September 08, 2013


Zeb A.

Fun! She's lovely and I do hope they release her SOON! :)


She is so cool, love the 3 option of her. You certainly are having such fun with the memory thread, I can't wait it play with that medium Brooke. Holy moly your creative juices are on overtime with your designs girl, your in the groove.

Rachelle Murphy

Such a beautiful fun project! Thank you Brooke for your kind heart and your sharing of your talents!

Brooke Nolan

Gosh and shucks, girls! Thank you, Zeb, Kathy and Rachelle!!! You've made my day.


Hey there Brooke any word on when she will be released on the DMC site?


Was just wondering when they will release Emma's Plum Fairy, I would of thought they would of for the Christmas Season. Keep us on our toes.
Merry christmas

Debbie L

Was this Emma's plum fairy ever released? I hope I didn't miss it.
Debbie L


Has Emma plum fairy chart ever been released yet, it's been a long time. Lol

Brooke Nolan

Hi Guys...I'm sorry to say that DMC still hasn't published her and doesn't have a future publishing date, as far as I know. I'll keep my ear to the ground on this because you're not alone in asking about it. Unfortunately, my hands are tied. But in the meantime, keep on stitchin' all your other projects...Thank you for your interest, by the by.

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