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November 17, 2012



Absolutely gorgeous, Brooke! You've outdone yourself.



Kristen started her message with A. ;-)


Can I play this game too, Marny? LOL! But seriously, thank you, Kristen and Marny for your sweet compliments.


DARN! I'm such a knucklehead. I didn't see the "C" for Creative, Marny. Had to fix it. LOL!


Beautiful and so cute. I just ordered it and hope I can get it done before my new granddaughter arrives some time in February. Timing could't be better. Thank you.


Brilliant! Love the bouquet. It's absolutely precious.... Makes me want a spring baby girl! ;-)

Maru Zamora

I looooove it Brooke, ist adorable


Annette...Congratulations on your new grandgirl! So happy you think this Sunshine Line will fit the bill. Thank you SO much for purchasing one. That means a lot to me.


Oh, Em & Maru...You gals are the BEST! Go ahead...Stroke my ego some more...Maybe I'll purr. LOL!


I made the boy line for my grandson and now he just had a brother! So I was thinking of just changing colors and animals for another one but if you have another boy one on the way... (My stepdaughter LOVED the first one!)

Brooke Nolan

Congratulations, Vangie, on the addition of another baby grandson! You must be over the moon. Thank you so much for purchasing and stitching the Original Baby Boy Sunshine Line for Number One. I am very close to finishing the Spring Baby Boy Sunshine Line if you can wait a little. It will be out in January and the Summer Girl and Boy Lines will follow on its heals. Don't know when your new grandson was born but I already have autumn and winter Baby Sunshine Lines available on my web site. Thanks again for your compliment. Happy Grandma Stitching!


You have another fan! I was one of the people wanting you to finish the alphbat so I could get working on it. I love ,love ,love this baby Sunshine set . I will be ordering. Keep it all coming.You have such talent!

Brooke Nolan

Thank you, Ava...I really appreciate the sweet compliment. I'm so glad you like my designs. And yes, look for the Spring Baby Boy Sunshine Line on my web site by Monday, 2/4/13.


So I am going to do one for my daughter. She is now 5 but was born June 1. I originally made her the Fall sampler because of the colors it had in it. I LOVE this one so much I just have to make it NOW...I can't wait for someone I know to have a baby!!

Brooke Nolan

Ah, Jaime...Thank you SO much!


Gosh this must be the loviest cross stitch I have ever seen congratulations on your design and all the work that went into it.

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