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August 31, 2009



I love all three of your Spirits! They really are lovely designs, and I think they will be so much fun to stitch!

Cameo B

WOW!! I want them I want them!! LOL PLEASE MOMMY CAN I HAVE THEM ALL?!?! Lol I think they are altogether LOVELY!! You amaze me with your talent.



She is just super. What a great trio!




Hmm...I think "past" is my favorite--maybe because she reminds me of my Norwegian heritage! I like "Present's" cheerful face.

I DO have to admit that I'm puzzled by "Future"; why is she "old" and dressed in mourning? Perhaps she's just "victorian" or "mysterious". The future is, after all, mysterious!

My favorite Christmas Lady you have made is (I think) the Baking one? It's a pretty Redhead holding a tray of treats. I think I'd like to be her when I grow up. (lol) I also like the one with polar bears--is she "Winter" or "Snow"? She reminds me of Candy Land. And that's a good thing!

Carolyn NC

She's adorable - love all three of these!

Brooke Nolan

BIG THANK YOU, Nancy, Cameo, Annie, Nicole and Carolyn NC! I really appreciate it. Nicole...I can totally see why you're confused by the Spirit of Christmas Future. I don't think I've explained this trio very well. They actually represent the three ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". Remember how the Ghost of Christmas Future was "Death" in a long black robe...Boney finger, scythe and all? LOL! It was the ghost that finally scared the buhjeezez out of Scrooge by taking him on a personalized tour of Hell? I decided that I wouldn't go that far with this "Spirit" but do a softer female version to fit with this "Sister Trio". Anyway...I'll have to do better at explaining where these come from in my advertising. You've actually helped me quite a bit with your question.


Brooke I LOVE them...Christmas future reminds me of a sister that would be really stern with you if you screw something up...someone not to cross but beautiful none the less! My first impression of her was Wow! she's really pretty but I wouldn't want to tick her off! :) I love them...

Shay Toner

Wayyyy to cute. Can't wait until they are available. Thanks Brook


Hi Brooke, Please; where can I get these charts in the UK???

The're wonderful


Donna Cowart

Oh Brooke, you just keep "turning out" goodies! I think I'll have a small tree that is just for your designs. I'll even put the adorable little witches on it. They were fun to stitch and I can't wait until I get my hands on these three new designs!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent! By the way, have you thought about a "Spirit of Thanksgiving" done in fall colors?


Wow Brooke the Future is so Classy and elegant! I got from the beginning they were from Dicken's story (have no idea how many times I've read it, watched it and heard it lol) So I was wondering how you were going to represent the Spirit of Future Christmas.
Great job! Hope is really how our future will look like, classy, elegant and peaceful.

Bebe Johnson

I love these, but my favorite is Christmas Future. She's steampunk! I also love the way you gave Christmas Past an Regency dress, Christmas Present a Victorian dress (during the Dickens era), and Christmas Future an Edwardian dress. Past, Present, and Future fashions! That's well thought out.

Carla (Stu)

They are gorgeous, very delicate! So, I'd like to know if you sell those patterns. Could you tell me, please? The little dames are so, so beautiful! I'd love to have some stitched by me.

Luísa Gonçalves

Your blog is fantastic... Congratulations!
See you soon!


Your work is stunning! Love it.

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