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June 22, 2009



LOL oh I can't get that theme song out of my head now...Ba dum ba dum dum dum da dum.....(nose twitch) They look great! Can't wait to get them

Kate Roland

Totally Awesome. I can't wait until I can get a chance to stitch them.


Aren't they cute! I was thinking of stitching some critters for Halloween, but NO, they are calling my name!!! :)


Brooke - they look wonderful with all 3 together. WOW, can't wait to stitch those little gems


Too cute!!


I can't wait to get my other two witches!!! You did a great job. Now if I could only talk you into doing two more. LOL! Well a girl can wish right?
Debra we met at the ILCS retreat in TN! Thanks so much for coming to the hotel and doing the trunk show.

Cindy F.

Such a cute trio!! Beautiful design work Brooke!! Congrats:)


Brooke, these look so great! I am certainly going to stitch them too!


Oh my, these are precious! And I loved Bewitched so much so that all of our cats past and present have Bewitched names! Those brooms are so cute, the boot laces, the hat tie, oh my all of those little details are just what makes your pieces so charming and original!

When I see a piece for the first time I can just tell it is yours. No one does what you do or as well to come close.


Hey Chicky....If you have time I put something on my blog for you =) Hope you had a great 4th..Love, Meg


They're so cute!!! I love them :)
I've just stitched one of your birthday cakes to make a pinkeep. Thank you so much for your delicious charts!!!


Brooke!... I love the witches!... they make me happy just to look at them! Another fantastic job .. you go girl!


Shirl Hubbs

Hi Booke, I'm so glad that I found your blog. I have been stitching your disigns for years. I buy the Secret Needle Night kits from the Silver Needle and also get your kits from The Sitichery. I just signed up to your group because I want to stitch those cakes soooooo bad. Love them!
Blessings to ya! Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

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