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June 19, 2013



This is so fabulous I can't stand it! What a wonderful idea and pattern!

Brooke Nolan

Oh, my gosh...Annie. You're SO sweet. Stop it! LOL! I mean, DON'T stop it. LOL! I'm so glad you like them. I LOVED designing this one and really really want to do more Happy Couples from different eras, fiction, etc...Like other historical fashion couples...a knight and his Lady, an antebellum couple, etc...You could even go crazy and do a Mer couple or a Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein's Monster. It's a theme that sets my stitchy imagination on fire. LOL! Hope you have a great summer!


Love your designs, have done all your angels and sugar plum fairy... My granddaughter wants a princess. Lol. Your designs are stunning.... Keep up the great work.

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